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Welcome to EFENDI.jp

Here is the general index of the sites are managed by Efendi. For these each sites are independant, if you want to know about any site, you can get informations there.

The copyrights of the contents put under the directory www.efendi.jp (including the scripts I scribed and my ideas) belong to Efendi. But, if you use my contents for open and nonprofit sites, you can use that freely.
If you use my contents for profit or on other media, you should contact Efendi to make assurance.

About the copyrights of the images use under the directory www.efendi.jp, I believe I don't trespass the profit of owners of that rights of the images. Because uncountable unofficial sites in the world work for the public good really.
But, if I trespass a right, I will delete that problem contents at once. When you find my mistake, please caution me about it.

The linking for this site is free.
But, when you link contents under the top directly, take care of unexpected changing arrangement.