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This unfinished book was named Liber ob Sciscitatora that means "the book of endeavorers to look for knoledges" by His Majesty the High King of Loskalm, Gundreken in 1621 after the Revelation of Hrestol the Prophet.
Looking for knoledges is making sure of the greatness of Creating by the Invisible God. He loves one who do so.

This book has written all that accumulated in my laboratory. This contents includes histories, prices, lingoes, maps, magics, pictures, even love stories. Surely that you seek is here.
That you should do first is to open the Index.

If you rip, tear, shred, bend, fold, deface, disfigure, smear, smudge, throw, drop or in any other mannaer damage, mistreat or show lack of respect towards this book, the consequences will be as awful as it is within my power to make you.

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This book was written with a font "Poor Richard". If you want to read with this font, you can read with this font.

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Castllumleæ the Secular, in Southpoint 1623 ARHP

この未完成の本は Liber ob Sciscitatora と呼ばれている。「知識を得ようと努める者たちのための書物」という意味で、預言者フレストルの啓示から1621年後、ロスカルム聖王グンドレケン陛下が命名された。




この本は"Poor Richard"という書体で書かれている。

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“世俗的な”カッスルレー、これを記す。サウスポイント、ARHP 1623年。

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